Predict & Win

UX/UI / Branding


Predict & Win is a free-to-play B2B quiz/predictor game primarily targeting the sports betting and iGaming industry, aimed at data collection, customer retention and conversion.

As lead designer on the project, I was responsible for all design aspects, including branding, UX and prototypes, and working with the team to create new features.

Following on from creating an initial MVP, we worked on a new version of the product in order to target more valuable clients.


  • Question format isn’t very customisable
  • Current theme colours do not work in all contexts
  • Admin panel UI needs improvement


  • Introduce new question formats for more flexibility
  • Create dark and light theme and ensure colours can be personalised
  • Re-skin admin panel bringing it inline with brand guidelines


Having successfully launched the product with our first clients FansBet and Coinrivet, we collaborated to establish new question formats which would help us appeal to a larger audience. The standard question format is a stacked list of all possible answers, of which the user must select one. However, this format was not suitable for questions with many different answers, especially on mobile.

We wanted to ensure the game was quick and easy to run through and avoid as much scrolling as possible, the solution here was to reduce the width of the answers and display them alongside each other.

As we were pitching many clients in the football world, we looked at creating new question formats which would be more engaging for those users. We did this by introducing correct result and correct score formats which would be familiar for sports bettors and users of the popular Sky Sports game Super 6.

We also worked on a question type which would allow users to select a player e.g., first goal scorer in Arsenal vs Liverpool. Introducing these new formats gave the product more variety and gave users a more engaging and visually appealing journey through the product. This ultimately allowed us to pitch to more valuable clients and opened new opportunities for the business.

I created full prototypes for light and dark UI versions of the app. We presented each customer with a design guide allowing them to choose their desired theme and customise primary and secondary colours according to their brand. This allowed clients to personalise the app and offer their customers a consistent experience throughout their product.